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1920, Heerlen (NL) - 2009, Amsterdam (NL)

Jef Diederen left shortly after the Second World War from Limburg to Amsterdam, together with other contemporaries such as Ger Lataster and Lei Molin, and then referred to as Amsterdam Limburgers.

During his long career, Diederen explored a constantly changing perspective of the boundaries of the figurative and abstract. Initially Diederen painted half-abstract landscapes, usually referring to his birthplace, the Limburg mining region or to the torments of the war. In the course of the 1960’s monochrome trends and surfaces occur that contrast with freer, more improvised forms. In Diederen’s later works the color prevails usually among lush, lyrical, abstractive landscape impressions from South-France.

Diederen always worked mainly on paper except in oil- and later acrylic paint on canvas. He made countless gouache and aquarelles in a steady torrent of often-colorful lithographs’, lino's and woodcuts.